Portland Porches

Portland Porches is a project that bridges the genres of landscape and portrait photography, examining identity through place. Having spent most of my life in New York City, I found that in moving to Portland I was drawn to aspects of the urban landscape that were new to me: green moss covering the bases of giant trees, front yards populated with dense plant life, alleys with dirt roads that stretch through to the next street, and porches. The porch in particular is an interesting phenomenon because it is an extension of the home that is exposed to the public eye, yet it is often treated as a private space. Every day I walk by porches that have a sense of being lived in, which I think is unique to Portland in that the porch is a place where one can be outside during the constant drizzle of the year. Some are littered with decorations intent on exclaiming the particular personality of the person who lives there, others are neatly organized as fully functional living rooms complete with couch, table and grill. In photographing the porches I find, each with their unique quirks and details, I seek to reveal something explicit about the person who lives there and across images tell a larger story about the community Portland creates.

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35 photographs from the series are featured in a
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This project is funded in part by the Regional Arts & Culture Council.

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