Real Artifice (2011-2014)

Through the series “Real Artifice,” I contemplate photography’s role in our experience and the mediated realities that we inhabit. In today's culture we spend increasingly more of our time looking at and interacting with screens than we do engaging with our immediate environment. We live a filtered existence in which our reality is based on artificiality or re-presentation, several steps removed from the “actual” physical thing, event, or person that we are interacting with.

For this project, I make photographs in the studio of constructed sets through which I play with this notion of re-presentation and the fusion of object and depiction within the picture. Every composition includes at least one element that is presented for the camera as a photographic print. In some instances this printed photo appears in its original context: as an album cover for a vinyl record or an image on a puzzle. In others I have photographed objects, then printed the images, cut them out and displayed them for the camera, at times juxtaposed against their “real” counterparts. Although some may appear digitally altered or fabricated, each image is a straight photograph. I am drawn to instances where the reproduced object appears more genuine than the real, and the distinction of what is “real” begins to lose significance. The series explores the medium of photography by drawing attention both to its transparent nature in which the tactile surface is often forgotten, and to its tendency to be viewed through layers of mediation and re-contextualization.

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