There Now (2012)

This project grew from my fascination with images that are posted on social networking sites of people's feet and designated as "profile pictures." These photos are often shot looking down onto one’s own feet, and include background information that suggests where someone was when the image was captured. As profile pictures they are meant to suggest some sort of identity despite the fact that they withhold the sight of the person’s face or other conventional features of identification and expression. I see these photos as a denial of the self-portrait, a gesture of frustration with the ability of a photograph to convey any sense of who we are. However, in showing one’s feet in context we prove that we are there. This in itself is a reaffirmation of the ability of a photograph to tell a story and communicate an experience. Yet how often are we truly "here" - present in the moment, living an unmediated experience? The convenience of image generating devices has made life such that when things are happening, we are concerned not so much with experiencing as with capturing them. We live in moments that are already visualized as the past through our projected anticipation of what the images we take will look like.

The images from this series are each photographs taken by me, of my own feet positioned in front of a printed photograph that I have shot at a prior time and place. These printed backgrounds become a substitute for the experience of that place. It is an instance where the representation of something stands in for the real version of that thing - a phenomenon all too common in our contemporary existence. Each photograph makes its first appearance posted to Facebook as my profile picture.

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